Buzzy’s Candy Store opens on Belmont Boulevard

Buzzy’s Candy Store opens on Belmont Boulevard

Buzzy’s Candy Store on Belmont Boulevard had its first jolt of sweet-toothed customers on January 28 during their grand opening.

Areej Rabie, freshman, Julia Cecere, sophomore, and Mandy Strader, sophomore, are co-owners of the shop, but this multi-colored, sugar-filled, lively shop isn’t just any classroom project. Rabie came up with the business proposal herself in response to a call for entries made by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

VIDEO: Buzzy’s Candy Store Opens by Cassidy Hodges

This & That, a “dorm store” which replaced a music store called ReverbMedia, occupied the space on the corner of Belmont and Bernard Avenue since the storefronts were carved out of the Curb Event Center. When business began to suffer, despite attempts to reinvent the original store, students were given the opportunity to submit their plans to the Center of Entrepreneurship.

Rabie, having become bored with her classes, figured a candy store would be a good idea. She said it’s a great market for a candy store and candy makes people happy. She spent several months researching and preparing both her business proposal and the interviews that would follow. Out of all the inquiries, which included a socially conscious clothing store and a video production storefront office, her’s was chosen. Cecere and Strader were later introduced to her and they decided to partner after that.

Now the three sit as the polka dot and striped apron clad managers and owners of Buzzy’s Candy Store. An outsider might guess that they’ve had too much candy, but they’re likely just excited about the positive feedback the store is already receiving on its first day in business.

According to Cecere, people were showing up before they were open and there has been a constant influx of customers since then.

There were so many customers that Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Chair of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont–who created and oversees much of the entrepreneurship program–had to run to the bank to get more change.

“She was able to look at the potential demand and the cost of running the store and she presented a set of very confident financial projections that made us feel confident that the business would have a good chance of doing well,” said Cornwall.

But these ladies don’t want Buzzy’s to just be a candy shop. They want to reach out to the community with it. Five percent of all profits made this weekend will be going to Haiti and in the future they hope to have events for children as well.

Already on the first day, children were there with their parents. Cecere and Rabie said one of the best moments was seeing the middle school kids run off the bus to see what was inside. Both young and old alike had something offered to them.

Buzzy’s offers 48 unwrapped bulk chocolates and gummies. 19 wrapped candies, lollipops and a growing number of different flavored jelly-beans. On top of this they have novelty candies like dirt cups and Baby Bottle Pops and nostalgic sweets like Malo-Cups, Clark Bars and Sugar Babies.

“We have sour, sweet, everything you can think of,” said Cecere.

And within the month they plan on adding around 25 more bulk candies and as Rabie reiterated, more jelly beans.

“We hope that every Belmont student enters our store,” said Rabie.

Buzzy’s Candy Store’s hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.


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