How to win Flip It!

How to win Flip It!

This October residence halls are hosting an energy saving contest called Flip It. The goal is to be the hall to conserve the most energy from Oct. 1-31.

Samantha Dorgan, residence director for Wright Hall and the contact for Flip It, says they’ll decide who wins by comparing kilowatts used during October 2009 to kilowatts used in 2010. They’ll also address occupancy to make sure differences in occupancy and people in and out of the building are factored.

The hall conserves the most will win a prize. Though, just what that will be hasn’t been decided yet.

Some suggestions the RDs give for conservation:

    Flip out the lights before you leave the room.
    Unplug your computer when you’re not using it.
    Turn off your surge protector at bedtime. “A little does go a long way,” Dorgan said.

And there are a few others that might help you give your residence halls an edge:

    If you brought a desk lamp, switch to an energy-saving bulb. It not only saves energy, it’ll stay bright through your entire college career.
    Reduce the time you spend in the shower by just one minute. It conserves water and energy (and you may get to class on time).
    Check your charger(s) when they’re plugged in but not connected to electronic devices. If the charger is warm to the touch, it’s still drawing power. Unplug it.


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