Four rock bands on stage for Saturday night showcase

Four rock bands on stage for Saturday night showcase

“To rock the campus and bring rock music to Belmont.”

That’s the goal of this year’s Rock Showcase, producer Kevin Fisher said.

The event will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, “Rocktober 9” in the Curb Event Center.

It’s the second in a series of six showcases for this year, the first being the Christian music showcase, which had around 2,000 people attend. “We’re expecting an even bigger turnout for this one,” Fisher said.

The rock showcase theme is basically a grunge, ACDC, basement rock ‘n’ roll show involving music and videos, though the actual show may vary from year to year.

“The music show will not just be for entertainment but for a good cause,” Fisher said. Partners will be the Gibson Foundation and Musicares and the cause is to raise money for the May 2010 flood victims.

Fisher says he’s excited about the bands that are going to play. Four bands that have played on campus will be participating, one of which is Eikon, also on the program for last year.

The bands will compete, and six judges will have an eye on them.

“In order to present a challenge for the performers, the judges will be spread throughout the audience in order to inspire them to play for the audience, not the judges,” Fisher said.


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