Office Concerts: Sarah Underwood

Office Concerts: Sarah Underwood

Sarah Underwood, a Minnesota native, released her debut album, titled “Looking Back,” in February.

The EP was recorded and produced by Marcus Vandeyacht with Mind Flight Records, a record company started and run by Belmont students.

“‘Looking Back’ is a fitting title for the EP because all the songs are reflective,” said Underwood.

Much of the work on the album was done internationally as Underwood spent the fall semester studying abroad in Spain.

While in Spain, Underwood and Vandeyacht kept in regular contact to ensure the production process was on the right track.
Underwood made sure her country roots are apparent on “Looking Back.”

“I listened to country music all of my life growing up and it was definitely a big influence on how I write,” said Underwood. “It’s part of why I really love writing lyrics and stories in my songs.”

Underwood played the first song off the EP, “90’s Kids,” for the Vision’s first installment of our office concert series.

This song was inspired by teasing from her siblings to write a happy song. While she doesn’t remember everything about the ‘90s herself, Underwood employed references that are personal to her in the song, like mentions of her favorite ‘90s country artists.

“Looking Back” is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.


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