Meet the New Bruin: Lauren Denemark

Meet the New Bruin: Lauren Denemark

Lauren Denemark, Illinois native and music business major, is excited to be a part of two of Belmont’s sports teams.

The long-time soccer player discovered her love of running after joining her middle school’s cross-country team.

“I was playing soccer at the time and loved soccer. I was super into it. Then I started running and I absolutely fell in love with it. Then I stuck with it,” she said.

This love of running inspired Denemark to join both Belmont’s cross-country and track and field teams.

“I love my team so much. They really are like a family. I don’t know what I’d do without them,” said Denemark. “That’s one of the things that sold me so much on this team — the fact that it is such a family experience at this level. You usually don’t find a Division I team at this level that is so much a family.”

Outside of cross-country and track and field, Denemark loves music, film, reading, learning and service.

“Don’t even ask me what my favorite artist or film is because I just have too many, and I could talk about it for hours,” said Denemark.

See Denemark running at the next track and field meet on April 7, or when the cross-country season begins in the fall.

Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics.


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