Office Concerts: Emily Falvey

Office Concerts: Emily Falvey

Emily Falvey is a senior songwriting and music business double major.

As a freshman, Falvey was attracted to Belmont for the songwriting program after growing up in Katy, TX then moving to Raleigh, North Carolina.

“I thought it was the absolute coolest thing to be able to study songwriting as a major,” she said.

Since arriving in Nashville three years ago, Falvey has already made a splash in the music industry.

She has interned at The Recording Academy, BMI Catalog Cast and SMACKSongs. She is also currently working at Warner/Chappell Music, after spending the summer working on Belmont’s Pipeline 7.0 team.

“I love how much music there is here in Nashville no matter where you look,” Falvey said.

Despite Falvey’s music business experience, her passion is still in writing.

“I love that feeling of literally taking something out of your brain and manifesting it into something tangible,” she said.

Falvey has an EP currently in the works, that fans can expect to hear sometime in winter to early spring at the latest.

Make sure to watch Falvey’s Office Concert above, or click on the embed below for a free download of the audio from her performance.


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