Office Concerts: Katie MAC

Office Concerts: Katie MAC

Senior Katie Canfield, known on stage as Katie Mac, has had a love for music her whole life, but recently pushed her music in a new direction.

“My early influences range from The Grateful Dead — my dad was a huge Dead Head — and I loved Fleetwood Mac and all these really amazing older bands,” she said.

Canfield’s new music — a large departure from her early sound — took influences from Taylor Swift, Astrid S, MUNA and other female power-pop acts.

“For people who have listened to my music since the beginning, it’ll be very different than what they’ve heard in the past,” Canfield said. “It’s super exciting, and it’s very honest. It means a lot to me, so I hope people really like it.”

Another large influence to Canfield’s songwriting came from a summer songwriting study abroad trip to Ireland.

“It was a month spent with 23 other songwriters — building each other up and giving each other criticisms on our music. It was really a transformative experience for me,” she said.

However, the camaraderie and collaborations among the songwriting students was only part of what made the Ireland trip so special.

“We brought a mobile recording setup with us wherever we went, and we all just took turns recording our songs in Ireland,” Canfield said. “We were at Giant’s Causeway, and we just saw the ocean and I got this idea for a song called ‘Waves.’ We wrote it together that night and it took us maybe like 20 minutes and it was one of the best songs that I’ve ever written.”

As for her new direction, Katie Mac has “something new” in the works for an October release.

For now, check out her Office Concerts performance above, or download the audio from Katie Mac’s performance below.


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