Office Concerts: Kevin Campbell of Air Ralley

Office Concerts: Kevin Campbell of Air Ralley

A day after the start of their freshman year, the members of Air Ralley joined some of their Belmont musical idols — including Coin and Wilder — as a winner of Battle of the Belmont Bands.

“This is a dream for a Belmont band,” said lead singer Kevin Campbell. “The fact that we could even be in that category after a month of school is incredible. Wilder and Coin are both bands we’re big fans of, and we ran into Judah and the Lion who complimented us. I saw them open for Jimmy Eat World, and so now to be able to now talk to those guys is so humbling.”

The band’s cohesion truly came naturally to them. In fact, they never played a single show together before Battle of the Bands. During the chaos of Welcome Week, freshman move-in and orientation, the new Bruins had only three chances to practice together.

“It was such an awesome, cool moment to experience something like this together, not to feel like we all just filled in,” Campbell said. “That’s not what Air Ralley is. We’re all dudes in the band together, we’re a couple brothers.”

Air Ralley has been a band for several years, but after heading to Nashville, the members changed, with the Battle of the Bands win really bringing the new members together.

“We really didn’t think this would happen, so it’s such a blessing,” Campbell said. “It’s so cool.”

For the next four years, Air Ralley will continue to play shows and build their fanbase.

“Music is Plan A, and there’s honestly no Plan B,” said Campbell. “I just feel like this is what I’m supposed to do.”

For free audio downloads of Kevin’s performance, click the embed link below.


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