Office Concerts: Maxx Marshall

Office Concerts: Maxx Marshall

Belmont songwriter Maxx Marshall is passionate about hiking, hymns and uniquely inventive lyrics.

The Tallahassee, Florida, native is a junior songwriting and English double major, who is making a place for himself in the Belmont folk community.

“I love the community and the people that I’ve found in Nashville and the people I get to write and live with,” said Marshall. “I didn’t have anything close to the same kind of artistic or personal community before and now I have both here and that’s such a blessing.”

Since coming to Belmont, Marshall’s songwriting has matured dramatically, which he credits to his professors and other students in the songwriting program.

“Being in the songwriting program has encouraged my growth and helped me love listening and writing other genres,” said Marshall. “Honestly I would be kind of an annoying folk boy if it weren’t for the songwriting program. Because you meet people that care so much about their music and if they care so much about their genre, which makes you like it too.”

One of the focuses of Marshall’s songwriting has always been distinctive lyrical depth.

“I love words and I think an especially cool thing to is to use a word that’s uncommon enough, you get to define it in the song and there’s something really cool about putting very regular things to say with words that are foreign and it’s fun to play with as a writer,” said Marshall.

In addition to creative uses of language, much of Marshall’s inspiration comes from his faith.

“Some of the music I draw from the most are hymns, which I grew up around and I’m seeing more and more how that affects music that I write and fall in love with. Writers like Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens are so influential to the way I write and so are writers like Leonard Cohen who cross that boundary.”

Marshall is also heavily influenced by his other great passion: nature. He will be taking spring semester off to spend five months hiking the Appalachian Trail.

In the meantime, Marshall says he will be releasing new music sometime soon.

“I’ve done most of the recording for a new project and I am doing production myself. But I’m trying not to put a timestamp on it, I’m just going to let it be so I can best serve the songs.”

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This article written by Sara Scannell. Office Concerts produced by Sara Scannell and Jason Saitta. 


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