Office Concerts: Oddnote

Office Concerts: Oddnote

Arman Asadsangabi, known as Oddnote, delivers a surprising twist in his concerts: taking a suggestion from the audience and making up a song on the spot.

For his Office Concert, Oddnote crafted his second song, “Dimension 5,” from the prompt word “balloons.”

The Nashville native came to Belmont two years ago as a songwriting major.

“I love the weirdness of the program,” he said. “I really appreciate how open they are to different kinds of music.”

His influences include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead.

Oddnote is working hard to fulfill his big musical plans. He is currently working on an EP and two albums, slated for release October, January and likely this spring break.

“I’m just trying to never stop.”

Click here for free downloads of Oddnote’s performance. 


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