Office Concert: Gatlin

Office Concert: Gatlin

Freshman songwriting major Gatlin Thornton – known simply as Gatlin – has already taken advantage of everything Belmont and Nashville have to offer after only a few months here.

“I like that everybody is passionate and has some sort of dream,” said Gatlin.

Her talent and drive were recognized quickly, as she was chosen as the only freshman to be one of around 20 writers for Belmont’s student-run Bear House Writer Management.

With Bear House’s help, Gatlin hopes to pursue a career as an artist as well as a songwriter. In fact, she’s already started playing writers rounds and found herself a backup band.

“I’m passionate about writing, but the fun part is performing,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to have a platform. It gives you a voice to reach a lot of people and I really love being onstage.”


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