Office Concerts: Chloe Gilligan

Office Concerts: Chloe Gilligan

Chloe Gilligan has made a name for herself as an artist with her bold and unapologetic lyrics.

“They’re definitely real stories, and it’s gotten me in a little bit of trouble, but I think you have to be honest with your stories,” said Gilligan. “It’s always the lines I worry most about putting down that people seem to connect with the most. “

Gilligan sang in private most of her life. Up until eighth grade she had terrible stage fright.

“I couldn’t even audition for my band class,” said Gilligan. “So one day the band director asked why I was so nervous and I honestly didn’t know, and somehow it all went away.”

As a senior songwriting major, her fear is now long gone. In part, she credits the songwriting program itself with this growth, especially the songwriting classes she took on a study abroad trip.

“Everything I’ve gotten in music has totally come from a Belmont connection,” said Gilligan. “It helps with everything that I’ve done in my music.”

Facing graduation, Chloe is aiming to get an artist development deal and is steadfast in her artistic aspirations.

“I think that once I started co-writing, I found out that I like telling such personal stories and details that I couldn’t just try writing for other people,” said Gilligan. “I love telling their stories too, but I think now is the time to try the artist thing and tell my songs and my stories.”


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