FitRec hosts body positive yoga class for students

FitRec hosts body positive yoga class for students

Belmont hosted a body positive yoga class for students Monday night.

Body Positivity Yoga


The evening included a conversation with Courtney Grimes, the clinical director of Renewed: Eating Disorder Support.

These conversations concerning body image are especially important to have with college students, since their time in school is such a malleable time, said Grimes.

Grimes shared her own experience with eating disorders and encouraged students not to force self-love, but instead practice self-neutrality.

“In my opinion, if someone hates, hates, hates their body verses loves, loves, loves their body, it’s still polarized,” said Grimes. “It ends up just ping-ponging them back and forth from two extremes of a spectrum.”

If someone loves the way their body looks one day, Grimes asked, how are they going to feel when it changes?

Some students came expecting to hear Grimes preach about self-love but appreciated her slightly different message.

“It was a really cool conversation to have, because it’s not one I hear a lot,” said Joanie Sanders, a senior social work and Spanish double major.

Grimes believes that the way to have a sustainably healthy relationship with your body is to view it in a neutral way and not think about it so much, she said.

After Grimes spoke, students rolled out their mats and practiced some poses.

The body-positive yoga class was one of FitRec’s efforts to promote the idea of the student.

“At FitRec, we don’t talk about getting a six-pack or getting the perfect body, we talk about being well,” said Joe Mankowski, the assistant director of FitRec.


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