RV! parks in winner’s circle at Battle of the Belmont Bands

RV! parks in winner’s circle at Battle of the Belmont Bands

Belmont indie-pop group RV! took home the prize Saturday after a night of high-energy performances at Battle of the Bands.

Four Belmont bands performed for a cheering crowd in Freedom Plaza, with students pressed against the stage swinging glow sticks and bopping beach balls. The ’70s-themed showcase marked the first major live music event on campus since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Who isn’t excited to just come back and actually connect and have fun?” said RV! frontman Jeff Toth in an interview Tuesday.

With RV! second in the lineup, Toth joined guitarist Adam Krodel, drummer Eric Capps and bassist Mitchell Krueger onstage to perform three of the band’s original songs: “Loop de Loop” — the first single they ever released together — as well as newer tracks “Suddenly She” and “Jessica.”

The group’s passion, energy and colorful button-down shirts made them a crowd favorite and earned them the favor of the judges. As the winner, the group earned a spot in Belmont’s upcoming Best of the Best showcase and a promotional package from event partner Lightning 100.

For all four of the Belmont bands, the show marked a return to the live music scene after a year spent creating and networking. Toth and his bandmates dedicated a lot of time defining their brand, “putting the pedal to the metal,” he said.

Also taking the stage Saturday night was freshman pop-rock trio Keep the Eleven, whose bassist flew in from the group’s hometown of St. Charles, Illinois, to play in the show. Sophomore soft rock outfit TK Collective and punk rockers Sugar in the Gas Tank rounded out the lineup.

Recap the music from all four acts with the Vision’s 2021 Battle of the Belmont Bands playlist on Spotify.

PHOTO: RV! brings down the house on the lawn-side stage. Belmont Vision / Margot Pierson.

This article was written by Anna Jackson. Contributory reporting by Margot Pierson and Jack Brady.


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