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Anna Jackson

Editor in Chief

Anna Jackson (‘22) is from Austin, Texas, and studies literary publishing, journalism and design communications. This is her second year at the Vision after she came on board as a copy editor and got a little too into it. Anna loves crossword puzzles and B-list space movies, and the first post-vaccine event she attended was a Weezer concert.

Email: annae.jackson@pop.belmont.edu

Twitter: @TwtAnna

Sarah Maninger

Managing Editor

Sarah Maninger (‘22) is majoring in journalism with a minor in sports administration. This is her second year at the Belmont Vision after transferring from Santa Barbara, just up the coast from her hometown of Los Angeles. Sarah loves to read political journalism, as well as articles about sports, the environment and travel. Seeing the world is incredibly important to Sarah; the best meal she’s ever had was at a restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, on New Year’s Eve.

Email: sarah.maninger@pop.belmont.edu

Twitter: @SarahManinger

Jessica Mattsson

Sports Editor

Jessica Mattsson (’22) is an international student-athlete from Västland, Sweden, and studies journalism with a minor in sociology. Besides being a part of her two favorite teams at Belmont — the track & field team and the Vision — Jessica enjoys listening: to music, to people and to absolute silence. Three of her favorites things are oranges, everything sports-related and human beings. Catch her throwing the hammer real far this spring!

Email: jessica.mattsson@pop.belmont.edu

A&E/Photo Editor

Margot Pierson (‘24) is a journalism major with a dance minor. This is her second year with the Vision, and besides working in the office, her favorite things to do are take pictures, listen to music, dance and be overdressed for the occasion. She was classically trained as a ballerina her whole life and was ready to major in performing arts, but several crazy events led her to study journalism at Belmont, which she cites as one of her best decisions.

Email: margot.pierson@pop.belmont.edu

Madison Bowen

Video Editor

Madison Bowen (‘22) is a journalism major with a double minor in mass communication and video production. She is from the Yakima Valley in Washington but now lives in southern Illinois. This will be her third year working with the Vision, and she has loved every minute of it. If she’s not in the office editing the next VNN, she’s probably out getting coffee or filming with our terrific news anchors. If you’re not sure where Madison is, just wait for her loud laugh to start up. She loves quoting movies, stand-up comedy bits and making cheesy puns.

Email: madison.bowen@pop.belmont.edu

Social Media Editor

Hanley Riggs (‘23) is a journalism major with a sports and media minor. This is her third year with the Vision. She is from “The City of Champions,” “TOMpma Bay” — Tampa, Florida. Her favorite thing to cover at the Vision is Belmont Athletics; she loves writing feature articles as well as video pieces that show these athletes in a new light, besides just playing their sport. A fun fact about her is that when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2020, the trophy came to her house for a big celebration! Her biggest dream is to be reporting from the sidelines at the Super Bowl one day.

Email: hanley.riggs@pop.belmont.edu

Twitter: @hanleyriggs

VNN Executive Producer

Jordan Shatto (22’) is a video production major with a minor in journalism, going into her fourth year with the Vision. She serves as the executive producer of the Vision News Network alongside fellow video queen, Madison Bowen. She’s originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where she developed a passion for sharing stories that come from a community she loves. Aside from video work, Jordan is a 2D artist and loves creating pop art inspired by her favorite parts of queer culture, such as drag. Her hair color is subject to change throughout the school year.

Email: jordan.shatto@pop.belmont.edu


Anna D’Amico (‘23) is a journalism major with a music business minor. This is her third year with the Vision — although she spent most of the first one avoiding eye contact with the editors at budget meetings. She is from Bluffton, South Carolina but tells everyone she’s from Hilton Head to look cool. She enjoys long-form feature writing about everything from Amish communities to goat yoga. She can often be found spending hours on end in the caf or taking power naps on the fourth floor of the Johnson Center. Her dream job would be to give small artists their first big media exposure in Rolling Stone magazine.

Email: anna.damico@pop.belmont.edu

Twitter: @annakdamico

A.J. Wuest (‘23) is a journalism major with a sport administration minor going into his second year with the Vision. He hails from the small country town of Temple, Georgia, which is roughly 45 minutes west of Atlanta. AJ is a huge fan of Atlanta sports — especially the Falcons. One might find him jogging around campus or at the FitRec. A fun fact about AJ is that he throws a baseball with his left arm and a football with his right.

Email: aj.wuest@pop.belmont.edu

Twitter: @atlantafan25

David Pang (‘23) is an audio engineering major with a minor in journalism. This is his first year on staff at the Vision. David is a huge soccer fanatic — so much so that he occasionally calls it “football” in casual conversation. Being from Dallas, Texas, he hopes that one day the Cowboys will return to their glory days of the ’90s and win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

Email: david.pang@pop.belmont.edu

Finn Birnie (‘23) is a journalism major with a psychology minor going into his first full year with the Vision. When he isn’t saying “Hello, and welcome to the Belmont Weekly Sports Report,” you’ll find him clocking miles with the Belmont cross-country team. Finn loves nothing more than Marmite on toast and being complimented on his accent (yes, he is from England).

Email: finn.birnie@pop.belmont.edu

Justin Wagner (‘22) is a journalism major who’s been with the Vision for three years. While he might come across like the office grump, he’s a hard-boiled clown with the soul of a dancer. He loves nitty-gritty news writing and still doesn’t know how to throw a boomerang.

Email: justin.wagner@pop.belmont.edu

Lillie Ryann Burke (‘23) is a journalism major with a social media management minor going into her second year with the Vision. The only thing bigger than her love for proper grammar is her closet (rumor has it she owns 13 pairs of patterned pants). If she could do anything, she’d make YouTube videos for Vogue — hello, New York Fashion Week.  A lover of social media, fashion and all things weird, you’ll probably find her vlogging, editing Instagram posts, thrifting or listening to true crime podcasts.

Email: lillie.burke@pop.belmont.edu


Dorren Robinson

Dorren Robinson is an assistant professor of journalism and award-winning former journalist. She wrote for The Tennessean for more than 15 years before entering the world of academia. She teaches Foundations of Journalism, Writing for Media and Advanced Storytelling. Her office is Johnson Center 106.

Email: dorren.robinson@belmont.edu