Office Concerts: Kalina Tyne

Office Concerts: Kalina Tyne

Sophomore songwriting major Kalina Tyne discovered her passion for songwriting after realizing all her favorite artists were also songwriters.

“I always wanted to be a singer, but I started discovering the musicians I really liked wrote their own songs. I thought that was amazing,” said Tyne.

Some of these artists include Tyne’s favorite writers — like the Beatles and Paul McCartney. But she also looks up to songwriter and all-star producer Max Martin, as well as Savan Kotecha.

Tyne wrote her first song in the back of a math class in fifth grade, but she has grown a lot as a songwriter since coming to Belmont.

“I like that it’s challenging me,” said Tyne. “Since I’ve started taking real classes in the program I’ve been thinking a lot harder about the songs I’m writing, because I used to just be writing a lot, and now I’m valuing quality over quantity.”

Part of her growth has also come from soaking up everything Music City has to offer.

She’ll be putting this new knowledge to use soon, as she is planning to release a new EP in the next year, following her 2016 debut EP “Caffeine.”

“So many great songwriters have come out of Nashville, and it’s such a song-oriented place. Lyrics and a song itself have always been really important to me, so being in a place that values that as much I do is so great.”

To download audio from Kalina’s performance click the embed link below. 


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